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  1. General Real Estate 🏡

    1. General Real Estate Misc

      Ask general questions about anything related to real estate. Anything that doesn’t quite fit somewhere else. 

    2. Buying and selling Real Estate

      Ask general questions about deals! Anything you need to know before you buy or sell

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    3. Success stories

      Share your real estate wins here

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    4. Fixer upper, home improvement tips

      Ask questions or share advice regarding how to fix up, repair and improve your home

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  2. General Investments

    1. Stocks, Bonds, Mutual Funds and other paper assets

      Ask questions and get advice regarding anything related to stocks bonds or other paper asset classes/vehicles

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    2. General Investing

      Ask questions and get advice regarding any general investing topics

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  3. Real Estate Moving Parts

    1. Agent Match Making

      Real Estate agents can look for clients or clients can look for agents. Be sure to be specific with your specialty or special needs. For example if you are or need an agent who works with investment property, say so. Almost mention your service location. More information is better.

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    2. Agents helping Agents and Clients

      Ask questions about working with clients or other specific questions for Real Estate Agents.

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